chairman message


Shri. S.Ravichandaran

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all" - Aristotle

A child’s world is beautiful yet mysterious tapestry made up of a multitude of hopes and aspirations dyed in incandescent colours of thought and deed and their world is very much influenced by the school environment as they spend most of their childhood in school. Thus, schooling has the greatest influence on an individual’s life. It should enable the child to blossom into a well-balanced person, healthy in mind and spirit.

Let education help dear ARRSIANS to empower themselves and transform the world into a place where truth, justice, liberty, and equality have the sway. Youth of today exhibits unparalleled genius and is to be prepared for global stage

Our pedagogical practices have to shift from teaching to learning. In emerging global dynamics, educators have to play the role of change managers. While creating curriculum designs, value orientation should remain in prime focus. Schools should aim at grooming the students into ethical and principled leaders of tomorrow, whose thoughts and actions are deeply embedded in the values and culture of our land.

As a premier educational institution, we are known for creating our own benchmarks and elevating ourselves to higher planes. This practice has made our group schools, the centers of excellence. However, learning, evolving and effort will never cease.