Mr. Sivaraman Sivanmalai., B. E., M.B.A., The Executive Director of ARRS Academy has been in the field of shaping young minds and inspiring them to be lifelong learners more than a decade. His wealth of experience includes various domains of administration and academic roles. He is responsible for all aspects of administration and management of the school, including academic programs, staffing, student services and facilities.

He has established an integrated platform for our students who are sports aspirant. He considers sports as a more viable career option than a hobby, without compromising the quality of academics. He aims to empower students to feel passionate and care about their learning as well as encourage student driven action to make connections that extend beyond the curriculum.

He believes that high quality education is a human right for all learners and promises that ARRS academy provides the best for all the students.

Academic Director Mrs. Sasikala Karthikeyan has more than a decade of progressive qualitative experience across a wide gamut of functions in the field of education. She started her career as a school teacher. Further, she worked with a UK-based educational concerns’ Drama in Education program across Tamilnadu, where she incorporated art integrated teaching in schools and colleges. She also serves as a Resource person for Oxford University Press; training teachers of various boards nation-wide.

She is responsible for the implementation of pedagogical strategies that are compatible with the principles and practices of the school. She is engaged in the capacity building of teachers and provides significant support in the selection of goals, development and monitoring of the work plan, and crafting of professional learning opportunities for the teachers.


Principal Mrs. Dharni Venkatesh, An academician with a decade of experience in nurturing the young minds. She is a person who believes Education to be a life-long learning process and strives to make the young minds flourish with 21st century learning skills. She is also a truly trained Guide who cares about bringing up good citizens to the society. Her true spirit lies in achieving not only the academic goals but also the overall development of the child.

In her experience she has conducted various FDP, Soft skill training, Public speaking skills and Personality development sessions. She has closely watched and researched about the various pedagogies followed around the world and has implemented them for the betterment of the student society.