Transport Facilities


ARRS provides multiple transportation options for students. We provide transportation for students and staff in and around Salem and surrounding areas. Depending on where our students reside, we recommend specific bus routes to provide the best school transportation options.

Bus policy & Guidelines

  • All our school buses satisfy the school transportation rules created by the Government of Tamil Nadu
  • We have installed GPS (Global Positioning System) to provide real-time updates to school authorities about the students’ location
  • We have a Transport Coordinator that can be reached by phone at all times
  • We have a care taker on the bus at all times
  • Children should be ready and waiting at their stops 5 minutes before pick up time
  • Each bus is equipped with a phone. Parents are encouraged to contact the Transport Coordinator
  • Inform the attendant on the bus if your child is not attending school
  • Any changes in pick up/drop off venue should be cleared with the office (in writing). The office will then inform the bus driver of the change
  • Students are expected to maintain proper decorum on the bus
The following are the bus rules. Students should
  • Remain seated
  • Keep noise levels low
  • Not stick hands or head out of the window
  • Not be rude to people on the road
  • Not eat and litter on the bus