Youth Leadership Program

Future of a nation is created by its youth. Hence, developing youth in the desired path is instrumental to develop the country. Moreover, the changing context of the World demands our youth to be ready for the future leadership through a systematic education process. The academic leaders not only impart a competency- and value-based quality education, but also foster an appropriate ecosystem in our school.

For a practical approach on value-based leadership for change, students are encouraged to work in teams and actively participate in Eco Club, Health & Wellness Club, Heritage Club, Arts club, Disaster Management Club, Literary Club, Scientific Club, Photography club etc. Various activities are conducted to enhance essential leadership qualities like visioning, planning, and record- keeping thus, helping students to identify a core set of values to guide decision- making.


Workshops are conducted by experts that inculcate a right path of development for the youth. This not only enables the youth to achieve excellence in career and life but also facilitates them to make a positive difference in the world.

The essentials of leadership are taught to the students to bring change in their communities, thus, taking up the mantle of leadership with a conscience.